hours of service

Mondays to Fridays:          9 am to 9pm
Saturdays and Sundays:  10 am to 6pm
Evening and Weekend Appointments available.


Daniel K. Lo Mobile Legal & Notarial Services offers a wide selection of legal and notarial services in the following categories:


Preparation and/or witnessing signatures of affidavits, statutory declarations, and certified true copies.

Wills and Estate Planning

Preparation of wills, codicils, powers of attorney, representation agreements, family trusts and general estate planning advice.

Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration

Application for grants of probate or letters of administration and advising on estate administration issues.

Corporate and Commercial

Incorporation and dissolution of companies or societies, annual corporate or societal filings, keeping minute books and acting as registered and records offices, preparing shareholders and partnership agreements, contracts of business purchase or sale and other business related agreements.


Preparation of marriage, cohabitation, and separation agreements, provision of independent legal advice and legal representation for uncontested divorces or for family mediation or collaborative family law dispute resolution.

Real Estate

Residential property purchase and sale, mortgage registration and discharge, lien/easement registration or discharge, advice and/or representation relating to other land titles charges or issues.

General Legal Advice/Representation

General legal consultation and representation.


(Taxes, disbursements or other agency fees NOT included.)

Service Type Fees
Simple Will, per person $250.00
Mirror (2) Wills, per couple $350.00
Codicil $175.00
Power of Attorney, per person $175.00
Powers of Attorney (2), per couple $250.00
Representation Agreement $250.00
Notarization of Single Document $35.00
Notarization of Multiple Documents (for each additional signature/document after the first) $15.00
Probate Application (Basic, No Distribution) $1,750.00
Prenuptial, Marriage or Cohabitation Agreement $1,000.00
Separation Agreement $1,050.00
Uncontested Divorce $1,500.00
Company or Society Incorporation $900.00
Shareholders/Partnership Agreements $1,050.00
Business Sale $1,000.00
Business Purchase $1,250.00
Hourly Rate $250.00
Service: Simple Will, per person
Fees: $250.00

Service: Mirror (2) Wills, per couple
Fees: $350.00

Service: Codicil
Fees: $175.00

Service: Power of Attorney, per person
Fees: $175.00

Service: Powers of Attorney (2), per couple
Fees: $250.00

Service: Representation Agreement
Fees: $250.00

Service: Notarization of Single Document
Fees: $35.00

Service: Notarization of Multiple Documents (for each additional signature/document after the first)
Fees: $15.00

Service: Probate Application (Basic, No Distribution)
Fees: $1,750.00

Service: Prenuptial, Marriage or Cohabitation Agreement
Fees: $1,000.00

Service: Separation Agreement
Fees: $1,050.00

Service: Uncontested Divorce
Fees: $1,500.00

Service: Company or Society Incorporation
Fees: $900.00

Service: Shareholders/Partnership Agreements
Fees: $1,050.00

Service: Business Sale
Fees: $1,000.00

Service: Business Purchase
Fees: $1,250.00

Service: Hourly Rate
Fees: $250.00  


Corporate Commercial Law
Wills, Estates & Probate Law
Real Estate Law
Collaborative Family Law
General Notarial Services

From My Clients

"I engaged Daniel to notarize a pension application for my grandmother. He met me at her house, took his time to sit down with us and notarize the documents. He was polite, professional and accommodating. And it was so convenient and stress-free for my grandmother since she didn’t have to travel anywhere and could finish her application in the comfort of her kitchen. Thanks Daniel."
K. Penman